Ultrasonic Cleaning for Firearms: Best Practices in Maintenance

Firearm maintenance is an essential part of responsible gun ownership. This document provides an in-depth look into “Gun Maintenance Best Practices,” particularly focusing on the use of ultrasonic cleaners. By adhering to these practices, one can ensure the longevity and optimal performance of their firearms.

Best Practices in Firearm Maintenance Using Ultrasonic Cleaners

Efficiently cleaning and maintaining firearms poses a challenge for law enforcement agencies, antique gun collectors, operators at shooting ranges, hunters, and enthusiasts alike. Investing in an ultrasonic gun cleaning system, paired with a dedicated gun cleaning solution, proves to be a wise choice for achieving optimal firearm maintenance and precision cleaning.

Ultrasonic cleaners offer a more thorough cleaning for firearms, reaching areas that manual cleaning can miss, much like the detailed cleaning in using Invisalign cleaning crystals

How Do Ultrasonic Gun Cleaners Work?

Regular maintenance using ultrasonic cleaning can significantly extend the life of your firearms, just as regular care is crucial in hand-scraped vs. smooth hardwood floors. Manual cleaning with rods, brushes, pads, solvents, and oils can be time-consuming and may not provide comprehensive results. Many gun owners typically focus on the exterior, oiling and wiping it down, but This method is particularly effective for removing residues like carbon, lead, and old grease, similar to the efficiency seen in how fuel injector cleaner works

Ultrasonic cleaning emerges as a powerful solution for firearm maintenance. The Miraclean Ultrasonic Gun Cleaner System, in particular, stands out. This system utilizes transducers mounted at the tank’s bottom, powered by generators. These transducers create cavitation bubbles in the cleaning solution, which, upon contact with firearm parts, implode and effectively clean even the most challenging-to-reach areas.

The Miraclean system incorporates three stages—cleaning, rinsing, and lubrication—all driven by ultrasonics. This compact unit is touted as the best gun cleaner on the market, offering a thorough and efficient approach to firearm maintenance.

Ultrasonic Cleaning Stage

With the application of ultrasonics and the right chemical solution in an ultrasonic gun cleaning machine, the process becomes remarkably simple. All you need to do is load the firearm parts into a designated basket and activate the machine. Ultrasonics utilize sound waves to generate minuscule bubbles that effectively reach and eliminate contaminants from areas that are typically inaccessible through conventional means. These microscopic bubbles implode, creating powerful bursts of energy that effectively dislodge and remove soils from the surface of the firearm. In essence, you place the firearm parts into the solution, toggle the switch, and witness the expulsion of a cloud of accumulated soil and dirt from the components.

Rinse Stage

A brief ultrasonic rinse efficiently eliminates any remaining cleaner and loose debris. Ultrasonics play a crucial role in the rinsing process, ensuring that no residues from the cleaning stage carry over into the oil stage, preventing potential issues with your firearm.

Lubrication/Oil Stage

Ultrasonics are employed to facilitate the penetration of oil into the intricate spaces of the firearm. Instead of manually applying oil and relying on it to reach every part, the firearm components are immersed in an oil-filled tank. The agitation and cavitation generated by the sound waves compel oil to permeate all possible areas. Hand lubrication of guns can be time-intensive and, if not done correctly, may result in detrimental effects. The lubrication phase is pivotal for preventing corrosion and rust on your firearm. Ultrasonics guarantee thorough and proper lubrication of every nook and cranny.

Ultrasonic Gun Cleaner Solution

The effectiveness of your firearm cleaning process heavily relies on the ultrasonic solution employed in your gun cleaner. It’s important to use the right ultrasonic cleaning solution to ensure the best results, akin to choosing the right products for eliminating pet odors. Utilizing a robust degreaser like MC Gun Cleaner Concentrate, which is safe for both ferrous and nonferrous metals, including aluminum, and is designed to efficiently cavitate in ultrasonic cleaning tanks, is essential. This formula is specifically crafted to eliminate bullet shavings, powder residue, and other contaminants commonly encountered by gun owners.

Depending on the size of your unit, you can clean a single firearm or multiple firearms simultaneously, allowing you the flexibility to disassemble or reassemble other guns while the unit handles the cleaning. This automated process not only saves you time but also enables you to focus on other tasks at hand. When paired with our cleaning solution, MC Gun Cleaner, the ultrasonic cleaning cycle requires just 10 minutes, followed by a 2-minute ultrasonic rinse and a 2-minute ultrasonic oil treatment. That’s all it takes to thoroughly clean and oil multiple guns, achieving a level of cleanliness and lubrication that manual methods cannot match, all within minutes.

The ultrasonic advantage extends to various applications, including manufacturing, gunsmithing, professional armorers, firing ranges, resale, competition shooters, and personal use.

MC Ultrasonic Gun Cleaner User Guide

Calculating Chemistry & Tank Size:

MC Gun Cleaner is a potent, concentrated degreaser specifically formulated for effective cavitation in conjunction with ultrasonic cleaning. Operating optimally at temperatures between 120°F and 140°F, this cleaner is compatible with both ferrous and non-ferrous metals, including aluminum. Its safe application extends to plastic polymers, and it boasts biodegradability, along with exceptional rinsing properties.

To use MC Gun Cleaner Concentrate, an alkaline detergent, it needs to be appropriately diluted with water. Here’s a step-by-step guide on achieving a 5% solution:

  1. Begin by determining your tank’s volume, calculated using the formula: Length x Width x Fill Height = Solution Volume (Gallons) (L x W x FH = V).
  2. Once you’ve determined the tank volume, multiply it by 0.05 to ascertain the total amount of cleaner required for a 5% solution: Volume x (.05) = Cleaner Volume (Gallons) (V x (.05) = CV).

For preparing the solution, follow these best practices:

  1. Fill the tank halfway or slightly more with water.
  2. Add the calculated amount of MC Gun Cleaner.
  3. Continue filling with water until reaching your desired working fill height.

The water-based nature of MC Gun Cleaner ensures swift and effortless blending with water, eliminating the need for vigorous stirring. A few passes or gentle agitations with the basket are sufficient to fully integrate the cleaner into the solution.

Cleaning Your Firearm

Cleaning Steps:

  • After performing the necessary chemistry calculations and degassing the solution, disassemble your firearm and place its components in the cleaning basket.
  • Subsequently, position the basket in the ultrasonic cleaning zone, initiating a 10-minute timer to effectively eliminate contaminants.
  • Transfer the cleaned parts to the rinse zone for an additional 2 minutes, utilizing ultrasonics to enhance the cleaning process and remove any remaining residues.
  • Move the rinsed components to the oil tank for a 2-minute session, using ultrasonics to facilitate the oil application and prevent rusting.
  • Adjust the cleaning process based on the firearm’s soil level, repeating steps as required.


Remove machining oils and metal shavings before the finishing or assembly process. Utilize ultrasonic cleaning for externally sourced parts prior to firearm assembly. Thoroughly clean firearms after prototype testing to identify potential weak points or areas of friction. This information is valuable for engineers. To achieve a consistent final finish on the firearm, the surface must be free from any oils or contaminants. Employing ultrasonic pre-cleaning before the final finish proves to be a quick and effective method. Additionally, perform post-testing cleaning before packaging for sale, based on required tests.


Before commencing work on a firearm, ensure a comprehensive and swift cleaning within minutes. This ensures a pristine working surface and, in cases of unknown issues, the elimination of carbon and dirt can unveil underlying problems. Additionally, consider providing Ultrasonic cleaning services as an additional revenue stream. This can be offered as an upgrade to traditional hand cleaning, allowing for the cleaning of a greater number of firearms in a shorter time frame.

Gun Coaters

The market for custom firearm coatings has experienced significant growth in recent years. The demand for coatings that are both highly protective and visually appealing has surged, to the extent that some manufacturers now offer these coatings as standard from the factory. Achieving an oil and grease-free surface is essential to ensure proper adhesion of the coating without any issues such as bubbling or peeling. The MC Gun Cleaner Concentrate, utilized in ultrasonics, undergoes testing both before the coating process and after the application of the final coating. This testing ensures a thoroughly cleaned surface for adhesion and confirms that the cleaner or ultrasonics do not diminish or impact the finish. Extensive tests have shown that there are no adverse effects on common firearm finishes, including aftermarket ceramic finishes.

Professional Armor

Ultrasonics provides the capability to efficiently clean and thoroughly lubricate firearms. The cleaning process allows for the disassembly or reassembly of firearms while certain parts are undergoing cleaning. This enables an individual to simultaneously perform two tasks, resulting in time and cost savings. Moreover, it ensures a prompt return of firearms to the hands of law enforcement or military personnel who require them urgently.

Firing Range

When instructing individuals who are new to firearms or those who have recently acquired guns, ensuring safety is a critical concern. The presence of poorly maintained and clogged firearms among the public can pose safety risks. Firearms that are thoroughly cleaned and properly lubricated not only maximize safety but also enhance firearm performance, contributing to an optimal user experience. Additionally, having well-maintained and aesthetically pleasing rental firearms can offer a competitive edge to your business.


Cleaning with the power of ultrasonics provides a firearm with an almost brand-new appearance. Firearms resellers engaged in buying, selling, and trading can derive substantial benefits from presenting a thoroughly cleaned firearm, enabling them to command top dollar in the market. No longer will resellers need to leave guns as they are on the shelf due to the reluctance to spend extended periods manually scrubbing used firearms. Instead, a simple run through ultrasonics can rejuvenate a used firearm, giving it a fresh and clean look that maximizes the potential profit on the investment.

Competition Shooter

Competitive marksmen are well aware that a single stray shot can mar an otherwise outstanding performance. Accumulated carbon, lead, and aged grease can be the culprits behind such unwelcome deviations. Residue on the trigger assembly has the potential to disrupt the smoothness of your trigger pull, introducing a pause or increasing resistance, leading to unexpected delays or even a flinch. Optimal cleanliness directly correlates with maximum accuracy. Leveraging the power of ultrasonic cleaning can transform a mere 10 into a precise and consistent 10X.

Personal Use

Collectors, target shooters, and hunters can significantly enhance the longevity of their firearms by subjecting them to ultrasonic cleaning before storing them. Properly cleaning and lubricating collector or display firearms is essential to prevent rusting over time, given their valuable nature. Given the high cost of guns, target shooters have a vested interest in maintaining the condition of their firearms after a day at the range, ensuring an extended lifespan. Hunters, facing the harshest conditions, need to keep their firearms in optimal condition to secure the trophy of a lifetime, be it in snow, rain, or challenging landscapes. Ultrasonics play a crucial role in expelling dirt and debris from every nook and cranny, ensuring the firearm performs reliably when it matters most.


In conclusion, gun maintenance best practices are integral for the longevity, performance, and safety of firearms. Ultrasonic cleaning emerges as a powerful tool that provides thorough and swift cleaning, beneficial for a variety of users – from professional armors to personal users. Whether it’s enhancing the efficiency of a Competition Shooter or preserving a collector’s precious piece, ultrasonic cleaning is a game-changer in firearm maintenance. Let’s embrace these gun maintenance best practices to ensure reliable and consistent firearm performance.

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