Pool Cleaner Jobs in 2024: Hourly Pay Insights

As we move into 2024, business owners must stay informed about the current market rates for various services, particularly those impacting operational costs. One such service is pool cleaning. If you’re wondering, “How much does a pool cleaner make per hour in 2024?” this blog delivers updated and comprehensive data. We will explore “How Much Does a  Pool Cleaner Make,” providing the insight you need to make informed decisions about hiring or benchmarking salaries.

Pool Cleaner Jobs Pay per Hour in 2024

As we navigate 2024, understanding pool cleaner salaries is crucial for business owners. This section delves into current pay rates, answering the question: ‘How much does a pool cleaner make per hour in 2024?

US Pool Cleaner Hourly Pay Overview

  • According to Glassdoor, the national average hourly wage for pool cleaners in the U.S. in 2024 ranges from $12 to $18.
  • Talent.com reports a slightly higher range, indicating that pool cleaners can earn between $14 and $20 per hour.
  • ZipRecruiter’s data aligns closely with Talent.com, suggesting an average hourly pay between $14 and $21.
  • However, Zippia presents the most lucrative figures, recording an average hourly wage of $16 to $22 for pool cleaners.

Factors Influencing Pay Rates

Pool cleaner pay depends on factors like location, with higher wages in costlier urban areas. Experience matters too—seasoned cleaners with a strong track record may earn more. Job complexity, pool size, and whether residential or commercial also influence pay rates.

Regional Variations in Pay

Let’s take a closer look at how different areas in the US can shake up a pool cleaner’s earnings:

State and City Pay Differences for Pool Cleaners

ZipRecruiter notes that pool cleaner salaries differ by state and city. In places like New York, California, and Massachusetts, where living costs are high, hourly rates range from $16 to $25. With many pools in states like Texas and Florida, pay rates are competitive, ranging from $14 to $20 per hour due to high demand.

Top Paying Cities for Pool Cleaners

In cities like San Jose, Oakland, and Antioch in California, pool cleaners can earn up to $25 per hour due to the high cost of living. Other cities like New York and Boston also offer attractive pay for pool cleaners, making them hotspots for professionals in the industry.

Pool Cleaner Salary Comparison: 2023 vs. 2024

In the ever-changing job scene, it’s important to see how pool cleaner salaries have changed. Let’s check out the hourly wages for pool cleaners in 2023 and 2024 to understand how pay has grown in this industry.

Annual Pool Cleaner Salary Trends

Data shows pool cleaner wages increased from 2023 to 2024, with the average hourly wage rising from $10-$16 to $12-$22. This upward trend reflects the growing importance of pool cleaners, making the market more competitive and boosting earning potential in the field.

Analyzing Trends and Causes for Wage Shifts

The increase in pool cleaner wages is due to higher demand for cleanliness after the global health crisis. Post-pandemic business recovery is boosting investment in maintenance tasks, like pool cleaning. Additionally, higher living costs in many areas are driving up these wages.

Hourly vs. Annual Salaries

When pondering a pool cleaner’s earnings, it’s key to grasp the distinction between hourly and annual pay. This section explores these payment models, shedding light on their impact on your budget and job appeal in the pool cleaning industry.

Breakdown of Hourly Versus Annual Pay Structures.

Hourly pay structures are straightforward – a pool cleaner is paid for each hour of work performed. This model is typically favorable for part-time or seasonal roles.

On the other hand, annual salaries offer a fixed sum paid over the year, regardless of the number of hours worked. This structure is often used for full-time roles, providing income stability for the employee while enabling better cost prediction for businesses. The choice between the two depends on the nature and demands of the position.

Pay Scale Decisions

Business owners should weigh financial stability, consistency, and staff motivation when setting pay. Hourly pay matches work done but can bring variable costs, while annual salaries offer predictability and may attract committed employees. Balancing these factors with job nature and market rates is key for a competitive and sustainable pay structure in pool cleaning.

Factors Affecting Pool Cleaner Salaries

Determining a pool cleaner’s pay involves various factors that shape salary decisions in the industry. Let’s explore how these elements influence earnings:

Factors Affecting Wages

Experience, certifications, and job complexity influence a pool cleaner’s pay. Seasoned pros with expertise earn more, and credentials in pool maintenance boost earning potential. Jobs with repairs, chemicals, or commercial pools often pay more due to the higher skills and effort involved.

Optimizing Factors for Pay Determination

These factors guide competitive salary setting. Business owners can establish pay structures considering experience, certifications, and job complexity. Recognizing these factors attracts skilled pool cleaners and motivates skill enhancement, improving overall service quality.

Career Growth and Pay Rise Opportunities

Professionals can advance their careers and increase earnings in the pool cleaning industry. Let’s explore these opportunities and their impact on a pool cleaner’s income potential:

Career Progression Opportunities for Pool Cleaners.

Enhancing their careers and income potential, pool cleaners can acquire specialized skills such as water quality management. Progressing to supervisory roles, management positions, or starting their own business can significantly impact ‘how much a pool cleaner makes,’ offering a dynamic career path in the pool cleaning industry.

How Skills and Duties Affect Earnings

Learning new skills and doing more tasks can significantly increase a pool cleaner’s pay. Expertise in advanced cleaning methods or handling high-tech pool equipment often leads to higher wages. Roles with supervision or managing larger pools come with higher income, reflecting increased complexity and responsibility.


In sum, “How much does a pool cleaner make?” can have a range of answers based on experience, skills, location, and the nature of the job. Understanding these factors is key for small and medium business owners looking to hire or benchmark salaries. As the demand for pool cleaning services rises, so does the earning potential in this industry. Therefore, investing in pool cleaners’ growth and skill enhancement can be a strategic move for career progression and business growth in 2024.


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