How to Keep Floor Mats From Sliding on Vinyl Floor?

Placing a floor mat is a great way to elevate the appearance of your living or workplace. But floor mats tend to bunch up, slide, slip, and pose a risk for injury. No one would want to step on the floor mat that hasn’t been properly secured to the floor beneath.

There are quite a few things that you can do to keep your floor mat from sliding and reduce the risk of accidents and injuries while adding character to the space.

How to Keep Floor Mats From Sliding on Vinyl Floor?

Rug Grips or Non-Slip Strips

Rug grips or non-slip strips are a popular and most effective solution to a slipping floor mat. Rug grips and non-slip strips have a similar function but vary in placement and shape. Both are silicone, which prevents the floor mat from slipping by creating friction against the floor.

You place the rug grips on the corners of the underside of the floor mat. Whereas non-slip strips are attached across the bottom of the mat. They secure the mat without creating an additional bump in the floor mat.

Non-slip strips adapt to almost all kinds of rugs and floors. However, it is possible that it does not stick well on some floors or under some particular carpets.

Non-Slip Underlay or Non-Slip mats

A gripper rug pad is an easy, off-the-shelf solution. You can find it in the rug section of any hardware floor. It is one of the most preferred options just because of its convenience.

You can buy the rug pad in a roll that needs to be cut down to size, or you can purchase it in matching size to the floor mat. These underlay rug pads do not require gluing and are easy to cut. 

You can place the underlay beneath the floor mat, and its rubbery surface keeps the flooring and the rug in place when you apply pressure. So, when you step on the mat, it grips the floor and the mat and prevents it from slipping.

The downside of using an underlay is that they are made of rubber material which can stain your vinyl flooring. Also, as the natural rubber rug pad secures the mat in place due to the weight of the person who steps on it, you may kick the mat from its place.

Double-Sided Carpet Tape/ Velcro Strips

Double-sided tape is another easy and quick fix for slippery mats. They are simple to use. You just have to peel off the backing on one side and stick it to the vinyl flooring. Then peel off the other side and place the floor mat on top.

The adhesives used in the double-sided tape are extraordinarily strong. Make sure the one you use is safe for your vinyl floors and does not leave any residue.

If the floor mat is large, you will have to place the carpet tapes across the vinyl flooring to match the width of the mat. If the mat is small, you can place the tapes in the corners, which would be sufficient to secure it.

A downside of using velcro strips is that it is difficult to peel them off the floor when needed. They can also leave traces of glue on the vinyl floor. These tapes work much better on tiled floors where you can just scratch and clean the residue.

Hook and Loop Strips

Hook and loop strips work like the rug grips; you must stick them in corners or across the backside of the floor mat. However, the difference between the rug grips and hook and loop strips is that the hook and loop system needs two pieces to attach. The hoop and loop are attached, with one attaching to the vinyl floors and the other to the mat. They get a tight hold when they are pushed together.

Another difference is that the hook and loop pieces stick to the mat and the floor, making them more permanent. If you aren’t comfortable with something sticking to the vinyl floor permanently, then you should look for other options.

The upside of hook and loop strips is that they offer a tighter grip which holds the floor mat in place. Also, you can detach the mat and move it when you need to clean the vinyl floors under the mat.

Weigh it Down with Furniture

You can use furniture, plant pots, or some other heavy object to secure the mat. This is possible only when the furniture is readily available nearby. Also, you will have to place the furniture so that it does not come in people’s way.

Invest in a Non-Slip Mat

If sticking strips and rug pads seem like too much work, you can simply purchase a non-slip mat. It is the simplest solution to the slipping problem. Floor mats often come with special non-slip technology.

Buying a non-slip floor mat from the start is the best option. It ensures you don’t have to use additional products to keep the mat attached to the vinyl floors. It will stay in its place no matter where you put it.

Anti-Slip Spray

Anti-slip sprays work better on smaller, lightweight mats that already have a non-slip backing. You simply spray the back of the mat with an anti-slip spray and let it do its work. You might need several applications as the mat can absorb it. Ensure you let the spray dry before putting it back on the vinyl floor, so it doesn’t leave any residue.

Clear Caulk

You will get a strong grip on your mat with just two strips of clear caulk. Let the strips dry on the vinyl floor. Clear caulk strips are permanent so do not use them if you change mat placement frequently.

Yoga Mat

Placing a yoga mat underneath the floor mat will hold the mat in place. You can take out the yoga mat when needed, so you do not have to spend extra money.


Putting a frame around the floor mats not only looks great, but it also holds the mat in its place.

Nail it Down

You can nail down a floor mat if carpet flooring prevents the mat from moving. It is easy to install and remove. 

Placing a floor mat on a carpeted floor will add more comfort to the mat when you step on it. Also, you will not have to worry about mat slipping. This method is not for vinyl floors.