Swiffer on Vinyl Plank Flooring: Safe Cleaning Tips

A Swiffer is a famous household cleaning tool used to mop and sweep hardwood floors. But can you use it on vinyl plank flooring?

Here, I have listed the advantages and disadvantages of using a Swiffer on a vinyl floor. This will help us figure out if it is safe to use a Swiffer on the vinyl plank. Then I will guide you on how to use it to ensure you do not damage your vinyl plank floor.

What is a Swiffer?

Swiffer is a modern cleaning mod that is used to clean floors. It has a pad made of polyester, which absorbs liquid and dries almost instantly, leaving your floors dry and clean. It is effective on hardwood floors that have been vacuum cleaned. In addition to hardwood floors, you can use it tiles and other hard surfaces, even vinyl.

What is a Vinyl Plank Floor?

A vinyl plank floor is a floating floor created by laying several thin sheets of solid plastic on top of a concrete or wood subfloor. The texture on the vinyl plank is made to mimic the look of a real hardwood floor. 

Vinyl planks are versatile and waterproof and come in a wide range of textures and colors for every decor need, which is also a feature of what is LVT flooring. Also, they are easy to install in any living space, whether a home, office, apartment, or commercial space.

Can You Use a Swiffer on Vinyl Plank Flooring?

Yes, you can use a Swiffer on vinyl flooring. However, read on to know the right way to clean the floor and see what the other better options for you are. 

If you use a Swiffer on vinyl plank flooring, you might wonder if it is safe, as discussed in the article about using Swiffer on vinyl plank flooring, itself. You might think that it is wet so it can water damage your floor or that it can leave scratches on the food because of the plastic material.

Advantages of Using a Swiffer on Vinyl Plank Flooring

You can clean your vinyl plank flooring with any type of mop. But then why is a Swiffer better than other types of mops? 

Sometimes, the harsh material of mops makes the situation worse, leaving dust marks on the floor, so you must double clean the floor. Moreover, regular mops do not absorb the moisture effectively, which increases the risk of your vinyl plank flooring getting water damaged.

On the flip side, a Swiffer is the safest option and a complete cleaning solution for your floors. Here is how;

No Scratches

Although vinyl plank floors are durable and easy to clean, they can get stained with spill marks or dirt if it is left sitting on the floor for too long, similar to issues covered in eliminating pet odors. To remove these marks, you might have to rub them on the floors, which can scratch your floors. However, a Swiffer WestJet can clean your vinyl plank floor without leaving scratches on the finish. 

Scratches on the vinyl floor can make it look dirty and discolored over time by accumulating dirt and grime. Using a Swiffer will save you from all this trouble and will increase the life of your beautiful vinyl plank flooring.

Saves Money

With a Swiffer WetJet, you can clean your floor in one go. It can clean everything from dirt and grime to spills and stains. You don’t have to buy different equipment for cleaning and mopping. 

Saves Extra Hassle

You can use a Swiffer more conveniently and comfortably in your daily cleaning. You can do any cleaning job effortlessly with a Swiffer. 

Works Effectively

Cleaning floors every day creates stress on your back. You can save yourself from some fatigue by getting yourself a Swiffer. I promise that your back and spine will be grateful to you for that.

Easy Cleaning

Swiffer WetJet comes with pre-moistened clothes containing a cleaning solution, which requires less buffing and scrubbing. You can clean marks and grime from the floor with a single sweep.

Replaceable Pads

Swiffers have replaceable pads that you can stick to the mopping end. Replacing these pads saves you from all the work you would have to do to clean the mop after cleaning the floors. 

Another good point of this is that they give perfect cleaning every time. These pads pull out dirt and dust like a magnet giving Swiffer three times more cleaning power than a regular broom.

After cleaning the floor, you can simply lock the dirt and debris in the pad and discard them.

Downsides of Using a Swiffer on Vinyl Plank Flooring

Too Much Waste

You have to dispose of the dry pads after one use. However, they clean so well that most people ignore this downside. Dirt, dust, and grime adhere to the dry pads and sweep the floor like mopping. When using a Swiffer, you do not need a dustpan; you can just throw it in the dustbin. It dusts easily and thoroughly, and your hands will not get dirty till the end.

Sticky Dirt

Sticky dirt can leave a stain on the floor if you do not clean it with a cleaning solution and water.  Swiffer with a dry pad works best on loose dirt and maybe on stubborn dirt. However, it does not work best for grime, spilled food, and sticky and oily mess. You will need wet pads to clean accidental drinks and food spills. Wet pads are designed to clean ground-in dirt, stains, grime, grease, and other stubborn marks.

Cleaning With Swiffer Wet Pads

Wet pads are made with polyester and have a cleaning solution. It effectively removes the stubborn dirt and stains and breaks them into fine particles. The cleaning solution makes it easy to clean the mess. The pads trap the grit, absorbs it, and lock it in. It prevents the filter from getting back onto the floor.

If the stain is extra stubborn, you will have to scrub strip on the wet pads, which removes the dirt firmly but delicately. It is safe for the vinyl floor and will not scratch the floor. However, you must be careful because any misstep will leave scratches on your vinyl floors.

Is Swiffer WetJets Safe For Luxury Vinyl Flooring?

Yes, Swiffer is safe to use on your luxury vinyl flooring, as also mentioned in hand-scraped vs smooth hardwood floors. Swiffer wet pads are non-abrasive, so they do not scratch your vinyl floorboards. However, it is better to vacuum first to remove little debris and dirt that can get stuck in the grooves within the floor. A Swiffer might not be able to clean between the seams of the planks.

Is Steam Cleaner Safe For Vinyl Plank Flooring?

No, do not use a steam cleaner on your vinyl floor, as steam cleaning can be more suitable for delicate furniture fabrics. Though they are getting popular these days, they take away the shine from the vinyl plank floor and ruin the finish. Moreover, they leave scratches on the vinyl plank floor.  

Is it Safe to Use Pine-Sol On Vinyl Plank Flooring?

No, Pine-Sol is not safe for vinyl plank flooring because it can damage the finish when both compounds mix together. When bleach is combined with pine odor, it creates a chemical reaction. Let me break it down for you:

Pine-Sol has ammonia components which, when mixed with chlorine in bleach, create chloramine gas. This gas is an irritant with health risks for those who come in contact with it and breathe it.

Moreover, ammonia reacts with various other substances, including acetone and cedar oil. It can irritate the nose and eyes. Therefore, Using Pine Sol on vinyl plank flooring will not be a good idea.

Although Pine Sol is great to use on other types of hard floors, it is ideal to use on hardwood or vinyl plank flooring. 

If you want to clean your vinyl plank flooring with a solution, the safest way is to make a mixture of vinegar, water, or denatured alcohol and mod your floors with it.

Swiffer and Vacuum Cleaner

These two items are all you need to clean your vinyl plank floor. The vacuum cleaner is a legit cleaning machine with powerful suction power. To clean your vinyl plank floor, suck out the dirt and debris from the crevices and seams with a vacuum cleaner and then mop the floor with Swiffer WetJet. It is an ideal way to clean your floor if you have a family member struggling with a dust allergy.