Clever Power Washer uses you didn’t know about

Power washers are a great tool for cleaning spots and spaces that seem impossible to clean. Their cleaning power is a lot better than a garden hose. They make cleaning any surface much easier and fun. 

Power washers are a big investment. If you are going to invest in a pressure washer or have already bought one, you may not be aware of all of the pressure washer uses.

You can use both electric pressure washer or gas pressure washer for household chores. However, electric pressure washers are more suitable for the most cleaning jobs at home as they give less PSI (pound-force per square inch) than the gas powered washers.

Ensure maximum safety while using a pressure washer. Wear protective gear with gloves, hat, safety glasses and closed toe shoes to keep yourself safe while using a pressure washer. When using an electric pressure washer, avoid power inlets from getting wet and stay at least five feet away from power lines. Also, avoid using gas powered pressure washers indoors as the gas fumes can cause respiratory problems. And, the high PSI may damage the household items. use the safety lock of the unit excessively to avoid any unnecessary spraying.

If you have a pressure washer with you, here are some fun and interesting things you need to know about.

Cleaning Substances that are Unsafe

Oftentimes, the things that require cleaning the most are the toughest to clean. They may not always be hard to reach or heavy or are stuck in weird places. Some substance, with their gross look, might just creep you out.

With a pressure washer, you can clean the nastier messes while keeping your distance.

Maybe some drunkard threw up on your fence. Maybe your neighbor’s boy didn’t like the dinner and threw it in your front yard. Or maybe your dog slipped-up on the patio.

Many scenarios like that arise all the time. Moss and mold can build up in different areas in the home which need cleaning. Get to know about the pressure washing of cars.

Cleaning things like this can not only be just gross but also unsafe. A water pressure washer allows you to clean anything effectively from a distance.

Pressure Washing your Grill

Grill cleaning and maintaining is an important part of the cooking process. Every grill owner should clean their grill to get them ready to enjoy those fun barbecue parties with their friends.

Scrubbing it with some hand-held tool may be effective but it takes a long time.

Power washer will help you get the job done within a few minutes giving you a good-as-new grill without getting your hands black with coal.

Pressure Washing Roof

With a pressure washer, you can keep your roof clean to create a safer and more beautiful home.

If left unattended, a pile of leaves, twigs and general grime build up on your roof ruining the look of your house.

This mess on your roof top can weaken the roof over time which might increase the risk of water damage. Furthermore, check out this amazing guide about presser washer nozzles.

Cleaning your roof is important. It is very difficult to clean a roof with basic hand-held tools if not impossible. A pressure washer makes it a lot easier and quicker. It also takes away the danger of scaling your house.

Cleaning Your Wood Decks

Pressure washers come in handy to clean the deck. Dust and grime builds up on the deck which can speed up the decay of the deck.

A pressure washer, when used correctly, can bring out the true colors of your deck. 

If you leave your deck uncleaned, mildew and mold can start to build up leading to rot and it might need replacing which is a lot more costly than purchasing a power cleaner.

For effective cleaning, hold the spray wand at a 45 degree angle from a distance of about 1 to 2 feet.

Deal With Vermin Using Power Washer

Pests can be hard to deal with and can make your living situation more difficult.

They invade and damage your living space making it more dangerous. To remove them, you call an exterminator who hit you with a big bill. 

Moreover, removing pests often requires pesticides which are dangerous for the environment.

Eliminating and preventing the rodents from invading your living space is one important use of pressure washers.

Firstly, deep cleaning can prevent anything from rats to hornets from invading your living space.

It is not advisable that you exterminate animals with a power washer in your house. But a pressure washer can be helpful for bee hives that are high up enough that you can use a pressure washer on it from a safe distance.

Prepping for Paint

Pressure washers can be used to strip old paint from the walls and prepare the walls for a new paint. 

You need high pressure washers (gas powered pressure washers) that can give spray with pressure around 2500 PSI to take off peeling or flaking paint. Any gas powered pressure washer is suitable for this job.

Cleaning Your Fish

People who like to fish are well aware that cleaning your fish is the worst part. It is also a time consuming process to clean and gut a fish.

If you are hesitant to touch your fish to clean it, you can use a power washer to clean your fresh fish without laying a finger on it. Moreover, discover this awesome guide about the pressure wash a pool and spa.

Getting Down Tree Branches With Power Washer

You may not think of tree branches as threatening but they become weak with age and tend to fall due to storms. Falling tree branches can damage property and risk lives.

Though the probability is thin, there is a chance that these branches fall into your backyard or on your roof.

To eliminate such a risk and make your backyard safer, you can knock down the branches into the yard with a power washer.

A gas powered washer is more suitable for this heavy duty job.

Maintaining Boat

If you have a boat, you can use a power washer to clean it easily and quickly. Cleansing your boat with a simple hand held tool can be difficult and take a lot of time. With a power washer, you can even clean those hard to reach spaces that a boat is full of.

Pressure washing your boat regularly will keep your boat in a good shape and it will increase its life.

Power washing is a much safer and environmentally friendly way of cleansing a boat than those dangerous, ineffective and time consuming ways. It also washes away build up of grime, dirt, bacteria and other substances that can wear down the body of your boat over time.

Maintaining Fence

Fences are one of those few things that are difficult to clean without a power washer. Scrubbing down the fence is such a tiresome task that many people don’t think about it.

Pressure washer makes cleansing fences easy, effective and more fun. Your fence will regain its original colors after removing the dirt and grime.

You can also use a pressure washer to clean the fence before repairing it to make the repair more effective.

To Power Wash Walls

Most homeowners have considered cleansing the exterior of your house. They probably have left the idea because it seems impossible with a garden hose. But with a right pressure washer with all the right nozzle and attachments for the spray wand, you can effectively wash the outside walls of your house. 

Washing exterior walls of your home is an important use of pressure washers. You have to use your pressure washer with a high pressure nozzle (but not too high) to make it effective. As high pressure can cause wear and tear on certain materials, even concrete.

Unclogging Gutters With Pressure Washers

To avoid any kind of damage to your walls and house, you need to keep your gutters clean before the rains come. Clogged gutters can damage your home due to excess water build up. 

Pressure is often used for unclogging gutters as they make this job a lot easier. 

Climbing up on the ladder and scoop out the leaves and twigs and scrubbing the lines of the gutter can be tiresome. With a pressure washer, you can simply blast the pressure spray to wash off the grime and dirt and have a smoothly running gutter in no time. 

You can use several attachments specially designed for this job for effective and easy clean up.

Cleansing Garbage Cans With Pressure Washers

If your garbage cans become unbearably stinky, they can use a good wash with a pressure washer.

You might feel tempted to put off this task, you eventually have to give them a nice cleansing.

A pressure washer can make this work a lot quicker. For better cleansing, you can use a scrub brush attachment on the spray wand and set it at a low pressure to apply soap and then rinse it off with plain water using a high pressure hose.

Garden Paths

Dirt, algae and moss can make your garden paths look less sightly. Cleansing them with a garden hose may not be as effective as with pressure washer spray. 

Use pressure to wash the paths to restore the tidy look for your garden.

Make sure to cover the nearby plants with a tarp before you start spraying water to clean the surface. Additionally, check out these amazing pressure washers for house cleaning.

Prep for Cooking 

Many of the pressure washer owners may not be aware that you can use this machine in the cooking process.

Washing vegetables in the kitchen sink is time consuming and they take a lot of space.

If you are going to cook a dinner on a large scale, you can use a pressure washer for cleansing vegetables. To pressure wash food items like vegetables and raw meat, put it in a big pot, outside your home and start the cleaning process.

Use the lowest setting to wash them to avoid getting them damaged. You will be able to clean your vegetables in no time.

An electric pressure washer will be more suitable for this job.

Cleansing Siding

Your vinyl siding can get discolored or downright dingy over time. A good pressure washer can help you restore the shiny look of your siding. Adjust your pressure washer to the lowest pressure nozzle to avoid accidentally damaging your siding. 

Your aluminum or wood siding can also be cleaned with a pressure washer. Make sure to use the least powerful nozzle to avoid tearing wood or denting aluminum.

Garage Floors

There is a high chance that your garage’s floor is spotted with caked on dirt and oil stains that have built up over the years. 

You can use a pressure washer spray to give your garage floor good cleaning. Use a low pressure green nozzle tip and apply a cleaning solution to achieve best results. 

Make sure you let the degreasing solution sit for a few minutes before rinsing it off. You might want to use a higher pressure nozzle to rinse it off.

Outdoor Furniture

If your outdoor patio furniture has been sitting in the sun, facing all kinds of weather, it is likely to look a little rough. 

You might want to give a new life to your patio furniture before the barbecue season kicks in.

Use a pressure washer spray at a low nozzle to wash and clean your outdoor furniture. Make sure to test the pressure at a small, inconspicuous area with a spray wand 2-3 feet away from the surface before you start blasting it on the wood.

For Vehicles

Washing cars is a most common use of pressure washers. To wash your car with a power washer, spray the vehicle with low pressure spray to remove dirt, grime and mud from the exterior surface. Then apply a suitable detergent with a foam cannon or add a cleaning solution to the soap tank to remove oil build up and wait for it to sit and then rinse it off with higher pressure spray.

A pressure washer can make your cleaning tasks a lot easier and allows you to enjoy a cleaner living space. There are hundreds of pressure washer uses you can find around your house. Just make sure the object you are going to clean can hold up the high pressure spray from your pressure washer before you start cleaning its surface.